About Me

Hi, I’m Craig I’m just your average guy who loves gaming. I’ve always been interested in video games and all things gaming since I got my very first Mega Drive for my birthday. Since then I have grown into all things laptop gaming with a bit of console thrown in.

Why I launched this website

I always struggled to try to find a place that gave honest reviews on all things gaming in one place, sure they may tell me the perfect mouse but what about the best keyboard or even game streaming service to go with that? This is what I aim to do here.

How I aim to help

I am going to give you honest reviews on tried and tested gaming accessories, reviews on new games along some of the subscribed services that I use.

Making it easier for you to get back to enjoying your gaming time.

So now you know more about me, feel free to go and read my latest articles here.

If you want to contact me please feel free to send me an email at Craig@craigsgamingcorner.com