The Full Review for Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless Headset

Astro A20 Wireless Headset


Battery Life




Audio Quality





  • Long battery life
  • Great Audio
  • Great Microphone


  • Expensive
  • Not cross compatible

I’m sure you have all heard of Astro gaming- If you haven’t where have you been? Astros latest edition to their series is the A50 wireless headset and oh boy, what a headset it is.

The A50 comes in a very unassuming black colour with some little gold or silver details depending on which version you get.

Audio from the headset is impressive- you can control all of the audio from the headset or if you really want to get the best experience you can use the Astro Command App to adjust things to your liking.

While pricey for a headset I think it is definitely worth its money.

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A50 Gold

Aesthetically the A50 does not break any boundaries- coming all in black with either silver or gold accents which denote which version it is.

There is no denying that the A50 is a bulky boy, this is not something new with headsets that provide great audio- they need to be bigger to fit in all the goodness.

The ear cups and headband are covered in cloth with padding underneath that- The ear cups connect to the headband via struts- These struts have markings so you can get the right fit for your ears every time.

Speaking of fit, for a big headset I’m surprised that it does not clamp your ears tightly, for me is not a bad thing as it makes wearing the headset very comfortable. This headset can be worn for hours on end without any problems.

On the left side of the headset, you will find the microphone- As far as microphones go this is superb. On the right ear cup, you will find all the controls for the headset, volume dial and a button to scroll through 3 preset, another button to swap between surround and stereo and the power button.

The backside of the right ear cup also has buttons for controlling the voice and game audio while the bottom of the right ear cup has a USB port for charging if you would rather charge with the wire rather than through the dock station.


A50 Gen 4 Headset back view

Well, what can we say about the A50? it’s amazing- But as this is a review I need to say a bit more.

Thanks to the Astro Gaming Command App you can customise the audio to be to your liking and you can save up to 3 presets. There are also options to download presets tailored to certain game genres.

Dolby Atmos surround sound is built-in and works for the PC version and stereo comes as well. So you can change with a press of a button to suit the game.

The sound quality at different levels and the bass are all impressive and offer a really immersive gaming experience.

Gunshots and weapon sound come through clearly- making the direction and type of weapon easily distinguishable. Footsteps and the direction of the steps are easily recognisable making a sneak attack near impossible.


A50 Dock Station

You have the option of choosing two different headsets- one for Xbox or PlayStation, no matter which headset you get it is fully compatible with PC/MAC- just make sure you buy the right one to be compatible across your other devices.

The base station for the A50 acts as the wireless 2.4GHz, sound card and the charging station for the A50. The batteries will last for a solid 15 hours before needing to charge so more than enough to last those serious sessions.

Charging is simple, put the headset back in the dock and it will charge- Easy right? Helping reserve the battery life is an auto shut off function that kicks in when no action takes place for a while

The microphone when in the up position is automatically muted and when placed in the desired position stays there. It offers noise-cancelling properties so it cuts out all of the unwanted background noise fairly well.

The Command App that comes with this headset is great allowing you to alter your presets to your liking or if you want to get straight to gaming you can download readily made presets for different genres.


A50 Side view

The main competitor to the A50 Is the Steel Series Arctis Pro which we reviewed in our Top 5 list here.

We could not choose between the two headsets so made them both joint first. While the Steel Series offers better battery life the A50 offers great audio.

If you are serious about gaming and want a good headset and are not worried about the cost any of the two headsets will be a great choice.

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