The Full Review for Audeze Penrose X

Audeze Penrose X


Battery Life




Audio Quality





  • Great Audio
  • Can connect via wireless or wired
  • Comfortable


  • Microphone not great
  • Some white noise sounds

Third, up on our list of the best wireless headsets with no price limit is the Audeze Penrose X. Want to see who else is in the top 5? click here to find out.

Audeze is known for making great audio devices and for making great gaming headsets.

The Penrose for PlayStation or Penrose X for Xbox makes no exceptions.

AS you would expect from Audeze they offer great audio but there are still a few niggles that let this headset down slightly.


Penrose  PS

The Penrose for a higher-end headset the quality seems lacking- While they are built well, the all-plastic and memory foam leather does not exactly shout from the rooftops.

The Penrose depending on which version you purchase comes in black and blue or black and green with the Audeze symbol on the side of the headband struts in the same colour.

The ear cups are made with memory foam and soft leather to provide comfort while this headset is on. We found them to clamp a bit tighter than normal but not that it affected comfort.

Speaking of the ear cups they can be rotated so they can be placed flat on the table or make it easier for packing and also easy to rest around your neck.

The right ear cup is bare while the left ear cup is home to the 3.5mm audio port, microphone and USB C charging port. The power button and volume dial along with a button for changing between the different connection types ( wireless, aux and Bluetooth).

The volume dial is the same to control mic volume along with the audio volume- a separate dial is expected at this price.

The battery life is around 15 hours on a full charge, you have the option of going wired with the 3.5mm port though to carry on for longer sessions.


Penrose X

The Audeze Penrose performs excellently.

While playing games that you have played for hundreds of hours you will discover new sounds that you never knew were there before- That is how good the Audio is.

You will have no problem identifying gunshots of all different weapon types and no one will get the drop by sneaking up on you.

This incredible audio is thanks to Penrose Planar Magnetic Drivers which offers frequencies in the range of 10-50Hz.

As the headset is always on there is a consistent little white noise hum which is in the background- while not noticeable during noisier moments it becomes prominent during quieter times.

Using the AudezeHQ software you have the ability to tweak and change all the settings to your liking, you can change side tones, mix adjustments and just about everything else.


Penrose X Side

The Penrose Wireless is provided via the 2.4GHz USB C Dongle and it is as easy as plug and play to get it set up.

Connecting to a mobile device is also easy thanks to the 3.5mm audio port and it connects instantly.

The microphone is detachable so makes this a headset that can be taken on the move if so desired.

The microphone quality leaves a lot to be desired, the voice came across as muddy and not very clear.

You will get about 15 hours out of the batteries this coming from about a three-hour charge so not too shabby for a wireless headset.


Azure Penrose X

If you want a headset that gives you amazing audio but are not worried about the niggles such as the microphone quality and the white noise then the Penrose is for you.

The battery life is good for a wireless headset and the comfort is acceptable for normal gaming sessions.

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