What is Humble Bundle? See the full review below

There are a lot of game subscription services and online game stores out there. We reviewed Humble Bundle to see what it is all about and if it is worth the money.

Read on to see the Humble Bundle Review.

What is Humble Bundle?

In essence, Humble Bundle is an online store that sells games, ebooks, software and digital content.

They do all this while supporting charities that change every month- Part of the proceeds from any sale goes towards the charity of the month or you can choose to support a charity of your choice.

So you get your digital content while helping out charities- it’s a win-win in my book.

Humble Bundle first launched back in 2010 with a single two-week bundle of goodies, then they have grown and now have a following of over 12,000,000 customers- all of this growth and they have also donated $199,000,000 to charity over this period- That is an incredible number which has helped millions of people.

On Humble Bundle you choose what you want to pay- there is a minimum price to pay for the bundles but you can choose to pay more or just the minimum. You then get to choose how that money is split, whether it is with the creators, charity, humble partners or Humble Bundle itself.

All of the purchased games are able to be redeemed on Steam, Uplay, GOG or other platforms- You get an option when redeeming the code on which platform you want to use it.


Humble Bundle offer three different products or types:

Humble Bundles

Humble Bundles are bundles of goodies from a set genre, whether it is ebooks, Unity software, video games from a set genre or from a developer. The bundles come in Tiers where you pay more for each tier:

An example of this is currently as of 07/09/2021 Humble Bundle have a Unity Fantasy game development bundle for a minimum spend of $25 dollars you get the full 28 item bundle- This bundle is worth over $2,000 dollars if you bought it normally- So you are having massive savings.

These bundles are available for limited times so they are great offers to be had if you get it in time. They are available for at least a week so you always have plenty of time to pick it up.

Check out some of the bundles available here

Humble Choice

Humble Choice is the PC game subscription service for Humble Bundle.

You can pay either monthly, quarterly, every six months or pay for the full year- as with all subscriptions the longer you sign up for the cheaper the price is.

I personally have a 12month subscription and pay $11 a month.

Every month you get a choice of 12 games delivered to your account- you then get to choose 10 of those games to keep forever- a code is available once you have chosen the game to redeem on the system of your choice.

The games vary in what you get- there are lots of indie games along with some well-known games as well. all in all, we have always got games worth more than our $11 dollars a month subscription.

recently they seem to be putting more indie games up rather than well-known developers or games. This in itself is not that bad as it gives you a chance to experience games that you might not necessarily have purchased if you had not already had the choice.

What happens If you already have the game or do not use your 10 games? you can gift it to a friend- in the same way, you choose to gift it to a friend and you can then email the game code to them instead of using it yourself.

As you can see in my July subscription I had some well-known games like Yakuza along with some indie game developers.

If you would like to find out more about the Humble Choice subscription check it out here

Humble Store

Humble Bundle also have an online store where you can choose from 1,000’s of different games, ebooks and software available to purchase if you are not a subscriber. If you are a subscriber you also get a 20% discount on the humble store.

The store is easy to navigate with you being allowed to search via genre, title etc.

Price-wise I think it is very reasonable and seems cheaper than some of the other online game stores out there.

You will find a lot of Indie games on the humble store- this is now because Humble Bundle are actually a publisher who is trying to give back to the community by helping indie developers get their games out there and launch them from Humble Bundle themselves.

Why not check out what offers they have on the Humble Store currently here.


If you want to get a great selection of games from all genres for as little as $11 a month plus you want that warm fuzzy feeling from helping charities then sign up for the humble subscription.

I have been a subscriber personally for over 2 years and have found that I get more games than I can actually find the time to play with the Humble Choice service.

I would love to hear from any of you who have been using Humble Bundle and what you think of their choice of games.

If you want more information on Humble Bundle then please leave a comment and I will get back and help you out.

Happy Gaming!


10 thoughts on “What is Humble Bundle? See the full review below”

  1. Wow, what a neat idea! I haven’t heard of this before, but I like how they have built-in support for charities! The price is reasonable for anyone who finds that Humble Bundle has the right type of content they will use. Good to hear that the track record over your 2-year subscription has been solid and that you feel comfortable enough to recommend the service!

    • Hi Aly,

      Yes, I stumbled across Humble Bundle a long time ago and I have never looked back.

      They always offer up great packages and bundles on all things tech, you should check them out.

  2. This is put together very well. The pricing looks presentable and all the information is easy to understand. I am not into the game thing but if I was this looks reasonable. Very nice job.  It explains the service very well. I can’t express enough that your website will get out to people.

    • Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Humble Bundle is very reasonable for what they offer.

      You also get the feel-good for knowing you’re helping Charity.


  3. Oh damn! I’m glad I ran into your post, because I never heard of Humble Bundle before, just now.

    It’s very interesting for me, since I’m a twitch streamer, and have been struggling with finding games to play lately, especially because games aren’t cheap, and it adds up in the long run.

    Thank you for your review, and sharing that this awesome deal exists. AND they also help charity, truly a win-win – I dig that!

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Well, Humble Bundle will be great for you if you’re streaming. They have lots of Indy games which are great fun to play and probably not streamed that often.

      Good luck with the streaming and have fun gaming!


  4. Hello there, Craig! I love Humble Bundle! When I was gaming more back in the data, it was definitely one of my top go to stores (including Steam). I would say Humble Bundle was better though! I remember buying really cheap packages that includes many games. What was really neat was even though the package included a game I already have, I could always gift it to a friend so there is no value lost! I haven’t checked out Humble Choice before though. My brother still plays PC games often so I’ll show this to him. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Mike,

      Humble Bundle is great when it comes to a variety of games and especially indie games.

      They don’t have as many AAA,  games as stea but it gives you chance to play games you wouldn’t necessarily pay for otherwise.

      Thanks for the comment and hopefully you get some time to get into gaming again.

      Thanks, Craig

  5. I’de never heard of Humble Bundle before, but then I am not a gamer in the strict sense of the word!

    Clearly you are a fan of this type of product..With your subscription do you get any discounts or offers on games that come, or loyalty rewards.

    Is this your first time using this producct

    • Hi Dave,

      With your subscription you get a 20% discount to the humble Store- this is basically Humble Bundles store where everything is available for sale from games to software.

      I have personally been using it for over 2 years now and I subscribe yearly and have always gotten great value from the games that are offered every month.

      Thanks for the comments,



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