Steel Series Arctis 9 Wireless Headset- Full Review

Steel Series Arctis 9 Wireless Headset

8.3 out of 10
Battery Life
Audio Quality


Comfortable FIt

Long Battery Life

Good Audio



Position of Control wheels not in the best location

Ranking number one on our top 5 wireless headsets for under $200 and number four on our list of wireless headsets where we have no price limit the Steel Series Arctis 9 is one of the greats.

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Steel Series has always been a powerhouse in the gaming world, especially for audios. The Arctis 7 was on the top of everyone’s list for a long time. As technology has moved on the need for headphone jacks is slowly disappearing, The Arctis 9 is one of the few wireless headsets out there that has built-in Bluetooth capability.

The Arctis 9 really concentrates on what is important in gaming, less on the aesthetics and more on the quality of the headset itself. The Steel Series Arctis 9’s wireless is superb, it is lag-free and utilising 2.4 GHz wireless for PC and PlayStation along with Bluetooth connectivity for everything else.

The Arctis 9 connects easily with PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation and even connect to Xbox with the use of a 3.5mm audio cable.

Like the rest of the Arctis series, the design is sleek and comfortable and provides gorgeous in-game audio and a crisp, clear microphone. The Audio is not as good as some of the other wireless headsets out there and at around $200 that’s slightly disappointing.


Steel Series Arctis 9

While the Arctis 9 aesthetically is not the best looking of all the wireless headsets, you can still see it is made with gaming in mind. From the ski goggle suspension down to the retractable mic.

The Artics 9 separates the volume and chat volume dials which is surprisingly a rare feature in gaming headsets, on the right ear cup is the volume dial, mic mute button, charging port and the 3.5mm audio jack port. While on the left side is just the chat mix dial.

While it is a good thing that the volume and the mic volume controls are separate, having everything on the left side does make it a bit clumsy and over-congested like home time on the tube.

The design is synonymous with the Arctis design, plain, lightweight and plastic. The ski google suspension headband comes in the black and white cross pattern but can be replaced with other colours at an extra cost from Steel Series. Overall the simplicity of the design makes it very comfortable with plenty of padding for the ears, making it easy to sustain the gaming sessions.


Steel Series Arctis 9

The Arctis 9 performs incredibly well, allowing every sound to be picked up clearly and crisply, It was tested over a variety of games from well known AAA games to indie games and it performed well with all of them.

The sound came at as from all sides not just, which really gives immersive gameplay and makes you feel like you are right there in the action.

While it was not tested against Playstation or Nintendo Switch- which works in docked mode. It was tested listening to music and it still performs exceptionally well which is something normally missing from gaming headsets- It performs well in the mid-high ranges and the low-end bass is not the best around but still something that would not be noticeable to the majority of the people.

The battery life stated by Steel Series is up to 20 hours, Depending on the use and volume of the headset we think that the battery life will far exceed that and will not require charging all that often.


Steel Series Arctis 9

There are two connectivity options for the Arctis 9- 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth- Which is a first for the steel series wireless range. The wireless is achieved via a USB wireless receiver that plugs into any USB port- this enables connectivity to a PlayStation “plug and play” it even has a switch to change between PC and PlayStation.

As there is also Bluetooth capability it means that both connections can be used- this opens up several options and makes it easier than having to constantly move the Wireless receiver into the new device. You can have your wireless receive plugged into your PlayStation while connecting to your PC via Bluetooth.

The dual connectivity did not compromise on the quality either, You find that Bluetooth normally has a sub sound quality- this was not the case with the Arctis 9.

The microphone is impressive, easy to retract and able to move in nearly all directions and staying in place. The sound quality is crisp and as it uses a bidirectional design for background noise cancellation it only picks up what is right next to the mic.


Steel Series Arctis 9

Overall I think the Arctis 9 Wireless headset is great, it provides great comfort, compatibility, audio quality and great battery life.

You should buy this headset if you want a great quality gaming headset and do not care too much about the cost.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly headset then the Arctis 9 is probably not the right choice for you.

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