Steel Series Arctis Pro PC Gaming Headset Full Review

Steel Series Arctis Pro + Game DAC




Audio Quality


Microphone Quality





  • Good Quality
  • Lots of Customisation
  • Great Audio


  • Expensive
  • Not made for Casual Use

The Steel Series Arctis Pro takes the well known, tried and tested Arctis headset and teamed it up with a DAC ( Digital to Analogue Converter). This pairing makes this headset the best that Steel Series has to offer.

The DAC enables you to adjust the EQ to your liking to perfect that sound for whether it is gaming or listening to music.

With great audio, a decent microphone and a comfortable feel this is a worthy second place headset in my mind.

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Steel Series Arctis Pro White

The Arctis Pro keeps the same theme as the rest of the Arctis series. It keeps its sleek, streamlined look. The plastic chassis has gone and has been updated to aluminium- this gives this headset a much more serious and quality build.

The ear cups have not changed massively and you can swap out the ear cups covers thanks to the magnet’s holding them together. This enables you to customise your headset to your liking.

All gamers know your headset is not a gaming headset unless you have RGB- the Steel Series Arctis Pro gives RGB lighting on both ear cups and microphone which is customisable- obviously.

The RGB lighting can be paired with the Steel Series Game Sense Technology which makes this more than just aesthetics but actually useful for linking certain colours to certain notifications etc.

The left cup houses a 3.5mm audio port along with the volume dial, mute button and a retractable mic.

The mute button is larger on this headset which makes it easier to find if you need to rage in peace.

The headband is still the same good quality ski goggle design which makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to wear for hours.

The Game DAC is a small unassuming device that allows the Steel Series pro to put out a higher resolution and less compressed audio than you normally get from a USB headset.

You can adjust just about anything using the DAC. The DAC in itself is a small black transmitter box that has a big knob that acts as volume and action button in one.

On the back of the DAC, you will find the two 3.5mm audio ports and micro USB ports to connect to your devices.

The OLED screen shows the menus which you adjust via the dual-action knob, the menus are simple and easy to used and understand.


Game DAC

We reviewed the Arctis Pro headset here- which performed incredibly for gaming- the Arctis Pro wired paired with the game DAC goes to a level above the wireless version.

The audio was rich and loud when played across the full spectrum of game genres, all actions come through crisp and clear and you even pick up the subtle background noises of the environment which you may not have heard before.

This really brings another level of immersive gameplay to anything you are playing.

Any bullet is recognisable and the direction from which it is coming is easy to work out. Need to know if it is a rifle, pistol or sniper then this headset audio makes it easy to pick out the snap and whizz of any weapon and make it easily distinguishable.

The DAC allows adjusting things incredibly easy- A long press of the knob opens the menus which you can then fine-tune your audio.

You can adjust anything from output sources, input sources the display brightness and the RGB colours of the headset. you can scroll through the EQ presets and tweak the frequency bands yourself. This makes it perfect for the pro gamer who knows what they need.

If you are just an avid PC gamer who does not know how to set up the DAC and tweak it to their liking using the presets still gives incredible audio quality.

If you are hoping to use this with a console then be warned the cable length is very short which means you will need to be sat close to your console and set it up. This is primarily a PC gaming headset so for us it is fine.


Arctis Pro White Plus DAC

The Headset is easily compatible with PC and Playstation and it can be compatible with Xbox but it is not easy and needs a bit of work.

The Arctis Pro works incredibly well with the Game DAC but you can also use the Engine 3 software on PC to adjust the RGB lighting to sync the light settings to certain apps- This makes it great for streamers who need to know if they have a new comment or a discord announcement etc.

The retractable clear cast microphone is great it is bendy and stiff enough at the same time to ensure you can position where you want and it will stay in place.

Your voice will come through crisp and clear- with the RGB lighting, you will also know if it is muted or not.

It is good enough that while teammates will easily understand your commands using it on twitch for streaming will also be easily doable.



The Steel Series Arctis Pro with the Game DAC is an amazing headset- It builds on the Arctis brand and makes it even better.

As is always the case with Steel Series the headset is customisable in many ways so you can get the headset that you want.

Having amazing audio which can be tailored for any game genre thanks to the Game DAC along with a great sounding microphone and a comfortable build I think it is well worth its $250.

If you are a PC gamer then this will see you well- if you are a console user then the short cable length will not really be great for you.

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