The Full Review for Steel Series Arctis Pro

Steel Series Arctis Pro


Battery Life




Audio Quality





  • Dual battery system
  • Great Audio
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Does not work wirelessly with Xbox

Steel Series is a household name when it comes to Gaming and audio devices especially. With great headsets like the Arctis 7 and 9’s the latest edition from the series is the Arctis Pro and my gosh is it a good headset.

With great audio, comfort and a dual battery set up to last even the most hardcore of gamers sessions, it’s no reason this is joint first on our list.

While you buying these will leave a big hole in your bank balance they are well worth the investment.

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Arctis Pro

The Steel Series Arctis Pro keep in line with their little brothers looks-wise.

Offering the same ski goggle headband and comfortable breathable cloth ear cups which allow hours of sweat-free comfortable gaming.

Coming in all matte black or white with the cloth and ear cup padding still in black- Personally, I think the white looks very smart.

You can really tell this headset is built to last- the quality feels and is great.

The fit is comfortable with the ski goggle design giving enough clamp to keep them on your head. There is not much room for adjustment in the headset though so people on the larger or smaller size nogging may struggle.

On the back left side of the ear cup, you will find the volume controls the volume dial is large enough so you haven’t got to go groping around like your looking for your alarm to snooze in the morning.

The microphone mute button changes depending on its status- If muted it is more prominent if not muted it is set back a little- Very clever.

If you open the right ear cup which is magnetised you will find the battery, The headset comes with two batteries- one in the headset so it can be charged while you are using the other in the ear cup. Therefore you should never run out of battery for this headset.

Thanks to the battery in the headset the Arctis pros are slightly heavier but weighing at 0.8Pounds/ 362g it is still light enough to be comfortable.


Arctis Pro White

The Arctis Pro does not have the game DAC like the wired version of this headset so it relies on your pc for the sound processing.

Even though it does not have the game DAC it still provides brilliant audio.

It produces a well-balanced sound with no lag and the virtual surround sound really gives the feeling of immersion in the games.

Whether walking through city streets or ducking for cover when hearing the gunshot whizz past your head this audio really makes it seem that you are there experiencing it with your character.

Thanks to the Astro Gaming Command App you can customise the audio to be to your liking and you can save up to 3 presets. There are also options to download presets tailored to certain game genres.

The microphone is on par with others in its range particularly the A50 and the voice comes through crisp and clear with teammates having no problems understanding your every command.


Arctis Pro dock

The Arctis Pro comes with a USB base station that provides a wireless 2.4GHz connection.

The station has an OLED screen with simple controls that let you change audio settings.

There are already presets in the station which allows you to change between different settings to suit you or the game you are playing.

You can enable the surround sound from the station.

The Arctis Pros are compatible with PC/MAC, PS4 or Xbox without needing additional software or devices It is worth noting that you will not be able to connect to Xbox wirelessly.

The docking station has space for charging one of the two batteries- this is a great way to ensure that you always have a battery charged to keep you playing for hours.

The batteries last around 15 hours so you get 30 hours thanks to having two batteries.

The microphone can retract back into the headset when it is out it is flexible enough to go where you want while durable enough to stay in place.


Arctis Set up

The Steel Series Arctis Pro shared the first spot with the Astro Gaming A50 headset which we reviewed in our Top 5 list here.

The Steel Series pro has a very clever battery system where one battery is always charging so you never go without a battery. The sound is good but not as good as the A50 and the build quality and design are top-notch.

If you really want a great wireless headset then the Arctis Pro will see you right. Be prepared to fork out big bucks for it though.

Happy Gaming.

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