The Full Review for Asus ROG Delta S Headset

Asus ROG Delta S




Audio Quality


Microphone Quality





  • Good Audio
  • Comfortable
  • Long Battery Life


  • Lack of customisation
  • Short Cable

The Asus ROG Delta S is an upgraded version of the ROG Delta and is upgraded by using a DAC and Master Quality Authenticated renderer. This gives it great high res audio.

Thanks to the DAC and MQA ( so many Abbreviations) this provides incredible audio. It is compatible with all devices thanks to the USB A and USB C connections.

It is reasonably priced at around the $200 mark as well.

Thanks to the good audio at a reasonable price it sits fifth on our list.- if you want to see who else is in the top 5 list click here to find out.



The Delta S is all matte black and looks pretty simple at first look- These are gaming headsets and I like something that looks a bit fancier- even if the Delta S does have RGB.

The headband is covered in foam wrapped in faux leather and the ROG logo is imprinted on the top. The ear cups are attached to the headband with plastic struts that give quite a bit of movement so it fits a range of head sizes.

The ear cup pads are changeable the ones that come as standard are faux leather but they come supplied with a fabric pair to help keep the sweat down when you are in your intense gaming sessions.

On the left ear cup, you will find a rocker switch for the volume, the detachable mic and a switch with three different modes. The switch as standard is off, press it once and it turns the RGB lights on that run along with the ear cups, press it again and it changes to voice mode where the RGB changes depending on your voice.

The braided 1.5m cable runs from the left ear cup and is attached to the laptop via a USB C port. There is also a USB A adaptor supplied for people who do not have the C type on their devices.

The headset weighs in at 285g, so it is very light in terms of a gaming headset. You can wear this for hours on end and forget that it is perched on top of your head.


The ROG Delta S comes with 50mm drivers with ESS’ 9281 Quad DAC which provides lossless audio processing and is what makes this headset audio great.

The Asus ROG also provides Master Quality Authenticated which basically allows you to listen to high fidelity music on streaming services such as Tidal.

The headset offers a 7.1 surround sound- The surround sound provides decent positional audio so you can hear where someone or something is coming from with ease. Gunfire was not as easy to position as most of the other headsets on the list.

It was easy to identify different weapons and bullets but it was not always easy to identify from where they were coming so sometimes left me searching in a general direction.

The headset does have some sound leakage so be prepared that you may draw a crowd of at least some funny looks if you are using this headset around others.

Switching of the surround sound still offers decent audio to whatever game you are playing.


Asus software ( Armoury Crate) and helps you get a lot more punch out of your headset.

It enables you to adjust nearly everything, switch surround sound on and off, has EQ presets which covers music and game genres. It also shows info about the MQA to show that it is working as it should do.

The microphone is flexible yet stiff enough to stay where you position it and the mic itself is Discord certified.

There is a little red led on the mic that lets you know when you have muted it or not. The mic is omnidirectional and uses the built-in AI to drown out the background noise- Which it does a decent job of.

The microphone quality is decent and the voice comes across clear but there are some occasions when the voice can sound a bit muddy.


If you like ROG and their love of RGB then this headset will work for you. It is not the best quality audio out there but for a casual gamer, it will work perfectly.

The compatibility of this makes it great for being an all-purpose headset so you can use it for PC/Console or on the move.

If you are more of a serious gamer then you would want to be looking at the A40TR or the Arctis Pro DAC which is the 1st and second place on our list.

If on the other hand, you do not like wired headsets then look at our top 5 of the best wireless headsets here. You will find the best of the best in wireless headsets.

Let me know what you think of the ROG Delta S, we would love to hear from you if you own a pair and your thoughts on them.

Happy Gaming!

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