The Full Review for Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate











  • Long Battery Life
  • Suitable for right and left handers
  • Great DPI


  • Small size
  • Not much customisation

Shortly after the Razer Viper was released along came this wireless version the Viper Ultimate. It packs a lot of power into its relatively small size.

On the other hand, does not pack a small price- for the price you really do get a great gaming mouse that would see even the best e-sporter right.

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Aesthetically this mouse does not excite me- well not for me anyway. It looks standard!

It does bring back memories of the classic razer mouse that many would be used to There is not many curves on this mouse but that is down to it being an ambidextrous mouse to suit all.

Looking all matte black with some rubberised sides, making it a comfortable mouse. The Razer symbol on the top is the only RGB on this mouse but it is not visible during use.

This mouse is fairly small so people with shovel hands will struggle to find a comfortable fit.

The mouse weighs in at an incredibly light 74g- this is probably the lightest mouse out there. There is no way to adjust the weight of this mouse so if you like a heavier mouse this is not for you.

There are 8 buttons laid out on this mouse, the standard left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel and 2 macros buttons on each side.

The DPI switch is on the bottom of the mouse which makes it hard to change the DPI easily during play- Which is a trick missed in this mouse.

In reality, this is only a 5 button mouse for gaming as you are only really going to use the 2 macro buttons on your respective thumb side during gameplay and not the 2 on the opposite side.

The USB A dongle sits snuggly in a compartment underneath the mouse which makes it incredibly useful to transport.

This mouse only sits at 38mm tall- this made it very uncomfortable for people who have larger hands or preferring a palm grip over a claw grip.


This mouse is fast and accurate and with a DPI of 20,000 and 650 inches per second speed, it performs great thanks to the Focus+ Optical Sensor.

That’s not the only optical thing on this mouse, each of the mouse’s buttons has an optical switch that registers click within a microsecond, meaning there is no noticeable lag whatsoever.

As this mouse is super light with no way of adjusting the weight it takes a while to get used to it.

You will regularly find yourself aiming past your target as you try and get used to the weight and adjust your force accordingly.

This tied in with the DPI switch being on the bottom of the mouse does not give you the flexibility to change up to or down the dpi on the fly- this is a big loss in most games.

Once you get used to the weight this mouse performs great. It is accurate and the response time is near-instantaneous. it can be used across the whole genre without any noticeable issues. Just make sure you set your dpi before starting to game.


The mouse is compatible with Razer Synapse so you can customise the RGB lighting, DPI and also save profiles for the perfect set-up for individual games or genres.

The Razer Synapse is definitely the best way to get the most out of this mouse. It gives you extra customisation and allows you to save 5 presets.

Battery life for this is stated at 70 hours with the lighting off. You can get easily 12 hours of solid use out of this. Meaning you will not have any problems.

Charging of the mouse is simple with the MIcro USB to USB cable or with the charging dock.

We would recommend the charging dock- not only doe sit charge easily without excess cables it looks great with RGB strips.


With Great DPI and quick response times thanks to the Focus+ Optic Sensor and Optic switches it is a great mouse.

There are 8 buttons in all but in reality, for gaming, you will only use 5- As it is an ambidextrous mouse only the 2 macros button on your thumb side are easily accessible.

If you have larger hands and do not like lighter mice then you will struggle with this.

The battery life is great and the charging looks snazzy with the charging dock.

If you need a good left-handed mouse then and want to pay the price then this will see you right.

Happy Gaming!

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