Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero wireless headset- Full review

Turtle Beach Atlas Aero


Battery Life




Audio Quality





  • Comfortable
  • Good audio
  • Looks good


  • Crowded controls
  • Wireless charging not great

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero while taking fifth place on my list is far from a loser if you want to see the list of top 5 wireless headsets click here.

The Elite Atlas Aero has been around since 2019 making it an old man on the list- There is a reason it is still on the list though, Offering great audio and features for a small price it holds its spot well.

Elite Atlas Aero


The Elite Atlas Aero design is an updated version of the Elite Atlas, black plastic with some silver accents to break up the colour.

The ear cups are padded with memory foam and are able to fold in on themselves to make them perfect to be packed for travel. The ear cups are adjusted by a rod that slides up and down.

They can be angled so they are able to fit any head shape perfectly- they also have a little channel built into the ear cups to make them ideal for glasses wearers.

The controls for the headset are on the left headset and are a bit clumsy and clunky. On the back of the left headset, you will find a power button followed by two quick action buttons.

The left ear is also home to the two-volume dials a microphone audio port, charging port and microphone mute button.

Phew, that is a lot of features packed onto the left ear- so much that I feel my head should constantly be tilted to the left!

The problem with having all of these crammed into such close proximity is that it’s very easy to press the wrong button or adjust the wrong volume dial- It happened a lot.

The microphone is detachable and flexible enough to move where you need it and sturdy enough to stay in place.

Weighing in at nearly 400g they are fairly heavy for a headset- the well-designed headband does seem to make the headset feel lighter than they actually are though.


Elite Atlas Aero

The Elite Atlas Aero performs well when played across the board of genres- Thanks to the Turtle Beach Control Studio desktop which offers a mass of options for adjusting your settings.

There are sliders for it seems just about everything 8 of them in total all of them controlling something different like bass or treble.

Seasoned gamers will love the option to be able to customise the audio. If you just want the slap the headset on and play then the audio still performs well.

Across the board, the audio quality was great allowing you to hear the full crescendo of the soundtracks and dialogue crisp and clear.

This headset is geared towards the PC gamer with the desktop system but it can also be used with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in docked mode wirelessly.

Thanks to the 3.5mm audio port it can also use it with Xbox One, mobile and Nintendo Switched undocked.

The headset will give at least 20hours of life in wireless mode on a full charge so more than enough to meet even the most hardcore gamers requirements.


Elite Atlas Aero

Compatible across the full range of devices thanks to wireless and 3.5mm audio port you will be able to use this as a multi-purpose headset if required.

The Turtle Beach Control Studio is a nice feature that will make setting this up to optimum on different games great for the gamer who is looking to immerse themselves more into the game.

The microphone is a solid microphone and does what it should do- allows voices to come across clear with no background noises.


Elite Atlas Aero

While the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero offers a decent headset with good audio, features and microphone the poor design of the controls and overcrowded left ear cup really lets it down.

If you are looking for a good performing headset then this will work well for you.

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