What is the best-wired headset? We tell you below

A Good gaming headset can be the difference between life and death…. In gaming!

Not having a good audio device means those sneaky peeps can sneak up on you and those sniper shots will seem to come from the totally wrong direction.

With wired headsets we all want something that is going to be comfortable and not have swimming pools of sweat in the ear cups.

Below you will find the our choice for the best wired gaming headsets.

If you would prefer to have wired headsets instead so you can take them on the move then see here for our wireless headsets below $200. If you have deep pockets then check here for our best wireless headsets with no price limit.

When checking the headsets we all want the same things.

  • Comfort- There is nothing worse than picking up a headset only for it to rub or leave marks on your head.
  • Audio Quality- There is no point getting a headset only for it to sound like you are listening to something through two tin cans
  • Microphone quality- Ever heard what you sound like underrwater? just get a rubbish mic and you soon will.
  • Price- As is the way in life if you want the best you have to pay the price- we set no upper limit on the price of our headsets.

First Place- Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 


Cable length- 2m

Compatibility- PC, MAC, PlayStation 5

Weight- 0.8pounds/380g

Check price here:

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  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Audio
  • Great Mic


  • Expensive
  • Not cross compatible

The Astro A40 by itself is a great headset when paired with the Pro Amp it is incredible.

While it is not compatible with all consoles it works flawlessly with PC/MAC- Which is what we are interested in.

The sound is amazing and latency-free. The design while bulky and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The pro amp makes adjusting volume, channel mixing plus a whole list more easily. The microphone is clear and crisp and your teammates will have no problems hearing you clearly.

To see the full review of the Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro click here.

Second Place- Steel Series Arctis Pro+ Game DAC


Cable Length- 1.5m

Compatibility- PC, MAC, PlayStation

Weight- 0.7 pounds/348g

Check price here:

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  • Good Build Quality
  • Lots of Customisation
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Expensive
  • Not made for Casual use

The Steel Series Arctis Pro wireless took joint first place in our top 5 wireless headsets here and the wired version is just as good.

It provides the same comfort and sound as the rest of the Arctis series with the bonus of the game DAC.

The Game DAC adds the next level of sound and adds lots of depth and immersion to your game

To see the full review of the Steel Series Arctis Pro DAC Click here.

Third Place- Logitech G Pro X


Cable length- 2m

Compatibility- PC, MAC and mobile

Weight- 0.7 pounds/320g

Check price here:

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  • Good Audio
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good mic settings


  • Audio consistency inconsistent
  • Not Portable

The Logitech G Pro X is a comfortable and powerhouse of a headset all wrapped up at a decent price.

Thanks to the closed-back design of the Pro X it helps to stop any audio leaking.

The design and fit of the headset are great and it makes it so comfortable to wear for hours of gaming.

The microphone quality is good enough for any team-based games that you may want to play and the voice commands come across clearly.

To see the full review of Logitech G Pro X click here.

Fourth Place -Hyper X Cloud Orbit S


Cable length- 2m

Compatibility- PC,MAC PlayStation 4, Xbox,Mobile and Nintendo Switch

Weight- 0.7 pounds/310g

Check prices here:


  • Great Head tracking
  • Great sound
  • Easy connectivity


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Expensive

The Cloud Orbit S from Hyper X provides great audio thanks to its Planar Magnetic technology and the gaming audio is brilliantly complemented by the Waves NX Technology.

Thanks to these technologies the game offers directional sound through head tracking on the PC.

This headset really looks like a gaming headset and it’s so comfortable you will forget it is on.

The connectivity is a breeze thanks to the USB-C, USB-A and 3.5mm audio port options.

See the full review of the Hyper X Cloud Orbit S here.

Fifth Place- Asus ROG Delta S


Cable length- 1.5m

Compatibility- PC, MAC, Playstation, XBox, Mobile

Weight- 0.66pounds/300g

Check price here:

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  • Good build quality
  • Great audio
  • Comfortable


  • Snug fit can be uncomfortable for some
  • lacks customisation

The Asus ROG Delta is a real standout headset, It offers great audio at an extended frequency range of 20-40 Hz.

It offers virtual surround sound which makes working out the directional fire and footsteps easy.

Looks-wise it is something you would expect from ROG with lots of RGB lighting and sleek design. The comfort is not sacrificed for the look of this headset- when wearing it is light and easy to forget it is on- apart from the big wire hang out.

See our full Asus ROG Delta S Review here.

How to know which is the best wired pc gaming headset for you?

There are a few main features to look for when deciding which headset to buy, system requirements- as you landed on this page we assume you are looking for a PC gaming headset, but do you want one that works with your other consoles as well?

Price, knowing you are getting a good quality headset for a decent price is key, as with everything in life, the cheaper the headset the more compromises you will have to make, if you are a serious gamer a good quality headset is a great investment.

All of our headsets here are fairly expensive but they all provide the serious gamer with a great headset for playing games across the full genre.

If you are more interested in wireless headsets then click here to see our best wireless headsets.

If you want me to review any particular headset, or want to leave your opinions on the headsets listed then please comment below.

Hopefully, this review has helped make up your mind.

Happy gaming!

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